Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby Jack

Finally getting to write about my new grandson, Baby Jack. He was born on December 20th at 5:04 p.m weighing 7 lbs 8 oz, 20 3/4 inches long. Living out of town, I did not make it in time for his arrival as Amy had a short delivery time of less than 6 hours for a first birth. He is a beautiful, healthy baby. Has had a little jaundice but it is improving and he is eating well, sleeping and blessing us every moment. He makes me laugh when I watch all the funny faces he makes. He does not know how funny and cute he is, but thats okay, mimi has her camera close by and snapping away. He will know all of this one day as it will all be recorded in his scrapbook I will be making for as long as I am a part of his life. Mom and Dad are the most wonderful parents and enjoying parenthood. Amy is not getting much sleep as she learns to breastfeed, but that will all get better in the days ahead. I did make a trip to the grocery store and on my way out of the parking lot, I did not see a pole and turned my blazer right into it messing up the whole left side of the car. Thankful to have a son in law who fixes cars, so we wait for the insurance man to come and and give the estimate and hopefully Brian can repair Mimi's car. I may get to stay with Baby Jack longer than planned due to the car repairs. At least I only got a big bruise on my hip from the accident, but it is really sore.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Time

Its been a busy time, getting everything done and ready for Christmas as we await the arrival of Baby Jack said to be coming way before his due date of December 29th. Hoping for a 38 week arrival so his lungs will be good and healthy. So now I am on stand-by status waiting for the call from Amy as she heads to the hospital. It is such a blessing to be receiving this precious blessing from God. My friend Kay just gave birth to her son Davis on Thanksgiving Day and he is like another grandson to me, as Kay is like a daughter to me. We have always been so close and have shared so much since we worked together at St. Michael's. I am busy making jewelry and have put scrapbooking on hold for now. I am so far behind now that I may never get caught up. Hopefully the cold days of winter will keep me home and scrapping again. My jewelry is always for sale and I will be glad to custom design something for you. Have a safe and Very Merry Christmas. LOL

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yogi Got A Haircut

Yogi Bear went to the Paw Paw Patch on Monday and got a whole new look. I thought I had a different dog when I picked him up. They had put a bow in his hair, black and orange for halloween, but it was quickly removed when we got home. He certainly has a unique personality and we are still in the process of doing our business outside and not inside. This has been a challenge to say the least. We laugh a lot at his antics and still trying to understand what he wants when he gets our attention. He definitely know to ask for a treat and runs to the red carpet and lays down to get it. Aaron has yet not chosen to get in the floor and play with him so he is missing out on the fun we have. Just wanted everyone to see what the new Yogi looks like. Take care and leave comments if you like.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yogi Bear

We now have a new addition to our family. A Yorkshire Terrier given to me by my friend that I play Bunco with. He is a registered one year old male and follows me around as if he was my shadow. Much adjustments are ahead for Yogi since he left a home with two other dogs to play with all day. So far he has slept two nights without barking. Must shop for a new dog bed as the previous owner has loaned me his so he will feel at home. She also sent his blanket. I think he sleeps on the rug by my bed instead of his bed. I know he wants to sleep in the bed with me as he did with his previous owner, but I cannot share my bed with an animal. I love my bed. For the first time tonight, he sat snuggled in my arms as I was reading email on the computer. Normally he does not like to be held tight or snuggled with, but maybe he is finally warming up. It will take some adjustment to get our routines and habits formed, but I am so in love with my new dog. It has been 16 years since I had a dog and I am loving it. I plan to take him with me when I travel to my daughter's. He likes traveling in the car I am told. Just sits and rides. Hope to post a picture soon of my sweet Yogi Bear.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Well, the weather has finally given us a few cool mornings, what a relief. Papaw and I will start to get some needed rest and relaxation. We now have a lady who comes to the house on the days we need her to take care of Aaron and his needs. Her name is Ashley and she seems to be a very sweet and caring person. It will take time for her aclimate herself to our daily lives and feel at home. We are also excited about getting a dog. My Bunco friend has a terrier that she wants to find a good home for, so she will bring Yogi over in a week and let him sniff and check out his new territory. I asked her to take him home and then bring him back the next day, so he will not be traumitized to his new home. He is house broken, about a year old. Will try to post a picture soon.
My daughters baby shower is soon approaching and I just could not resist buying Baby Jack a new outfit and hope mom will let him wear it home from the hospital. Just need to find shoes to match. This is such an exciting time and I can hardly contain myself waiting for my sweet grandson to come into this world.
My dear friend from Alabama called yesterday and told me she had a new granddaughter, Allie Elizabeth Pair. This is her first grandchild from her first born son Danny.
May God bless each of you today in a special way, as I am blessed for having such wonderful friends in my life.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aaron Ray

Made the trip to Scottish Rite today to have Aaron's cast removed, the wound checked and a new cast put on. Will wear this for two weeks, then he will wear an imobilizer off and on for a while. He has done so good with all of this and we are thrilled that he will be able to sit in a normal position. God is so good to have been with us throughout this process and Aaron can now start he 5th grade with most of this behind him. Thanks to everyone that has prayed for him, it is so much appreciated.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aaron Ray

We head back to Scottish Rite Wednesday to have his cast removed and an new one put on. Hoping he does not have to have it on for very long since school will be starting soon. The summer has gone by fast and we are all ready for the cool days of fall. Need to get the school clothes in order and meet the teacher on the 19th. Thinking about all the things I need to do before my daughter's baby shower in October and all the things I want to get and make for my Baby Jack. Pray for Amy as she is still having throw up episodes at 5 months. Guess she does not do pregnancy well, as her mother I did not do well either. Must run in the family. But it is all worth it in the end, a sweet precious child from God. Special request to pray for my friend's granddaughter Hailey who will have surgery Friday in Delaware for ITP, it is an autoimmune disease that affects her platelets. She is 16 and her grandmother has been my friend for 40+ years.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My friend Connie fell and broke her arm and now awaiting surgery after being at the hospital all day and not getting to go to surgery. Now she is back home awaiting another time the doctor can fix her arm. Please pray for my friend that this will be resolved soon.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Aaron Ray/Hayleigh.

Well, Aaron came through surgery with flying colors. Surgery on his knee and foot and a great big cast from his foot all the way up to his thigh. We have to go for a week with this cast and it will be removed to see if everything is healing and then another cast will be put on. We don't know how long he will have to have it, but hopefully it can come off before school starts. So glad he has this behind him. Hayleigh will go to visit him tomorrow before she gets on the plane headed home to California. They have had a great time together and really have gotten to know each other much better. I know they have made memories to last a lifetime and so have I. I have enjoyed watching them play together, laugh together and even get on each others nerves at times. They have hugged and kissed each other and shown so much love and say that they are the best cousins ever. It has been a growing and learning time for both of them and we look forward to Hayleigh returning again next summer and meet her new cousin Jack.
Keep my blog in you favorites and check back often as I will keep you updated on the happenings at the Whisenhunt's. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well, next tuesday Hayleigh will board the plane for her trip home to California. She has mixed emotions about it, wants to go home yet wants to stay. It has been a blessing to have her here and get to know her. She has given me a zillion hugs to last till she gets to come back again next summer, we hope. As of today, we got a call from Scottish Rite Hospital and they had a cancellation and wanted to schedule Aaron's knee surgery for this coming monday, so we opted to go ahead and have his surgery now and he will be all fixed up when school starts and not miss any days. He is not looking forward to it, but I know he will be glad when it is all over. I plan to stay over at Amy's for the rest of the week, so we can have some mom and daughter time together, as this will be our last chance to take advantage of this time. Moving to a bigger apartment in September will not allow much visiting time as I help them settle in and get ready for our Baby Jack to arrive in December. Hope everyone has had a great summer, and looking forward to some cooler weather in the fall.

Monday, July 19, 2010

It's A Boy

The news is out, Amy is having a boy and I just knew it was a girl. So Mimi is wrong and she is still thrilled we are having a stinking boy that will probably have to have some form of bling just to satisfy my not getting to make bows, ruffles and such. I guess a studded bib might work while he is still little and he won't know I blinged him. HeHe. Now I can think Blue Blue Blue. His name has changed today from Peanut to Baby Jack and I cannot wait till I see the sonogram for myself. Happy Baby Amy and Brian. I love you. Mimi

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well, Papaw has purchased Hayleigh's plane ticket for her to return home on August 3rd. I am sad to have her leave but know she wants to get back home and ready for school. She has been such a blessing and joy and we have had the bestest time ever. Tomorrow we will have a girl's lunch with a friend. She has gotten to experience a lot of first's in her life and has actually started to sound like a Texan in her speech. I know she will not miss this humid hot weather, but she has adjusted better than I thought she would. I am looking forward to her returning again next summer if she wants too, and I think she will. Not sure if she will get to come home for Christmas and be here for the birth of Amy's baby. So much to look forward to.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot Days of Summer

Well, it certainly is summer time when you can't stand outside for 2 minutes without being sticky and sweaty. What a fun summer for me getting to spend this time with my granddaughter Hayleigh from California. It has been wonderful getting to know her and what type of person she is. She is sweet, thoughtful, and kind, well mannered and loves being with me. I have introduced her to scrapbooking and flower making and she loves it. I think she could be a crafty person like her Mimi one day. She likes to read, but I think it has to be a very good book for her to stay with it, as she would rather be up, going and doing. She loves her cousin Aaron and enjoys being with him. I think she is getting a little homesick and wants to go home, but says she can make it two more weeks. I hope she will always have memories of her time in Texas and will want to return again next year, Lord willing, to get to know her Aunt Amy's baby that will be about 6 months old by summer 2011. Cannot not mention Aaron, my sweet grandson. He is a very affectionate child and now treats his Mimi with consideration and gentlemaness as he now says, ladies first. I see his caring nature in him and my heart hurts for all the frustrations he has to face day to day. I think I need to put myself in his wheelchair for a whole day and experience what it is like to be in his situation. He talked last night of what he wants to be when he can walk. He so wants to be normal. When you think of him, say a prayer that God will always guide and lead him in to understanding where he is and what God has in store for him. May you have a blessed day today and everyday.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Now down to day 4 of Bible School at Trinity Baptist Church. Our numbers have increased every night and the children are having a great time. Just coming to see all the people dressed in costume is exciting. Tomorrow I get to go to my monthly crop and try to get caught up on my scrapbooking.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scottish Rite Hospital

Well, we now have two days behind us for our 5 day stay at Scottish Rite Hospital for Aaron's evaluation and life skill education. So far he thinks its a pretty cool place because he won 6 prizes playing bingo the first night and and said he has not got stuck yet, as in a needle stick. He gets a lot of personal attention. Mimi and Papaw stay all day and Papaw is the lucky one to get to stay all night in the sleep chair. I am experiencing staying in a hotel room by myself for the first time, and I am enjoying the quiet and the tv all to myself. Hayleigh is spending these few days with her Aunt Amy and Maddie the dog. If everything goes well, we plan to go to the Dallas Arboritum on Saturday before we head home. Aaron was excited to learn today that he can go to Spina Bifida Camp next June and can go every year until he is 15. We are excited to find out about this wonderful opportunity for him. If you ever find yourself in need of donating to a charity, I highly recommend Scottish Rite Hospital.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well this is day 4 of Bible School for Aaron and Hayleigh. They are trying to raise $1200.00 to buy a motorcycle for a missionary and if they do, Ms. Dinah will have to ride a motorcycle with Bro. Randy. I hope I am there to view this event. Closing program tomorrow nite. If I can keep them in a VBS every week, this should keep them very busy and give me a break. Ha. Trinity VBS is July 5th and I am helping in pre-school crafts. The summer is going by fast but its fun watching Hayleigh and Aaron together. They get along for the most part, but occassionally get on each others nerve as they say. Guess the hot weather is affecting Hayleigh as she has almost quit eating, does not seem to have an appetite. Guess the ole Texas humidity has gotten to her. She loves staying inside and being cool. So do I.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby England

Amy went to the Doctor on monday and Baby England has a heartbeat of 154, so it sounds like our little peanut (what we call it now) till we find out if its a girl or boy is doing great. As soon as we find out I can cut loose and start shopping, planning, etc. Thank you my sweet sugar bear and Bri for giving me another grandchild. You are going to be the best parents ever.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Thought you might want to look at some of the jewelry I have made and also is for sale. Incorporated some of my scrapbooking supplies to create color on glass. Hope you like it.

Thursday Craft Day

Tomorrow I have the grandkids scheduled to do balloon sculpture at the Texarkana Public Library in the morning, then lunch, shopping for clothes for the wedding on the 26th and an afternoon of a make and take at Michael's. Let's hope this will wear them out and they will be off to bed early in the evening.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well, my sweet little granddog graduated from obedience class, so she will be a well behaved little dog, although she is pretty well behaved for a two year old (teenager) in dog years. I so would love to have a little four legged friend myself.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, after watching Hayleigh and Aaron bowl on the Wii and Aaron bowling a high of 257, I have decided to not compete with the grandchildren. Hayleigh bowled a 233 the previous game with 5 strikes in a row. I guess you have to be a child to really win on the Wii. They have just the right moves. Its been a fun game night watching Kung Fu Panda and Wii.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today has been so pleasant being with my grandchildren Aaron and Hayleigh. They have played hard on the Wii, the computer , watching tv, and eating me out of house and home. I think I will have to spend more time in the kitchen just to keep up with their appetites. Soon as something comes from the oven, Hayleigh is ready to sample it. I found myself today searching for recipes and planning the next meal. Not something I have been doing much of since Don and I just eat whatever. My day to day has changed and it's not retirement anymore.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My First Post

There is so much to be excited about and I now have a blog to share my wonderful news. My daughter Amy will be giving me a grandchild this year, hopefully on it's due date of December 29th, which was my mothers birthday. That alone will make it so special and she would be so thrilled to know that another great was born on her birthday. I hope to continue to keep everyone posted on her progress and all the wonderful months ahead for her and her wonderful husband Brian.