Saturday, April 9, 2011


My daughter Amy called a while ago and said that Baby Jack rolled over today. Wow he is growing so fast, April 20th he will be 4 months old. Hard to believe he is already doing the cute stuff that babies do. He is having some problems with reflux but changing his formula may help him and hopefully be able to sleep better, as mom and dad are not getting the sleep they need either. How well I remember those days of being a new parent and not getting much sleep and so wanting them to sleep all night. Still recovering from my car wreck almost 2 weeks ago. Slammed my car into a concrete block they had recently installed in the shopping area where I get my nails done. Was not marked and not visible and I plowed right into it, hitting my sternum and head. Had an xray and nothing broke or cracked, but I have had much pain and discomfort and think it will take weeks before my soreness and tenderness leaves. Thankful I was not hurt worse. Car still in shop, hope to get it next week.