Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot Days of Summer

Well, it certainly is summer time when you can't stand outside for 2 minutes without being sticky and sweaty. What a fun summer for me getting to spend this time with my granddaughter Hayleigh from California. It has been wonderful getting to know her and what type of person she is. She is sweet, thoughtful, and kind, well mannered and loves being with me. I have introduced her to scrapbooking and flower making and she loves it. I think she could be a crafty person like her Mimi one day. She likes to read, but I think it has to be a very good book for her to stay with it, as she would rather be up, going and doing. She loves her cousin Aaron and enjoys being with him. I think she is getting a little homesick and wants to go home, but says she can make it two more weeks. I hope she will always have memories of her time in Texas and will want to return again next year, Lord willing, to get to know her Aunt Amy's baby that will be about 6 months old by summer 2011. Cannot not mention Aaron, my sweet grandson. He is a very affectionate child and now treats his Mimi with consideration and gentlemaness as he now says, ladies first. I see his caring nature in him and my heart hurts for all the frustrations he has to face day to day. I think I need to put myself in his wheelchair for a whole day and experience what it is like to be in his situation. He talked last night of what he wants to be when he can walk. He so wants to be normal. When you think of him, say a prayer that God will always guide and lead him in to understanding where he is and what God has in store for him. May you have a blessed day today and everyday.


  1. Nice post mom. Glad you are having fun with the kids. I think Hayleigh is pretty well set on coming back each summer for a visit.

    I pray that Aaron will walk one day but I know the Lord has big plans for him.


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