Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well, next tuesday Hayleigh will board the plane for her trip home to California. She has mixed emotions about it, wants to go home yet wants to stay. It has been a blessing to have her here and get to know her. She has given me a zillion hugs to last till she gets to come back again next summer, we hope. As of today, we got a call from Scottish Rite Hospital and they had a cancellation and wanted to schedule Aaron's knee surgery for this coming monday, so we opted to go ahead and have his surgery now and he will be all fixed up when school starts and not miss any days. He is not looking forward to it, but I know he will be glad when it is all over. I plan to stay over at Amy's for the rest of the week, so we can have some mom and daughter time together, as this will be our last chance to take advantage of this time. Moving to a bigger apartment in September will not allow much visiting time as I help them settle in and get ready for our Baby Jack to arrive in December. Hope everyone has had a great summer, and looking forward to some cooler weather in the fall.

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