Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scottish Rite Hospital

Well, we now have two days behind us for our 5 day stay at Scottish Rite Hospital for Aaron's evaluation and life skill education. So far he thinks its a pretty cool place because he won 6 prizes playing bingo the first night and and said he has not got stuck yet, as in a needle stick. He gets a lot of personal attention. Mimi and Papaw stay all day and Papaw is the lucky one to get to stay all night in the sleep chair. I am experiencing staying in a hotel room by myself for the first time, and I am enjoying the quiet and the tv all to myself. Hayleigh is spending these few days with her Aunt Amy and Maddie the dog. If everything goes well, we plan to go to the Dallas Arboritum on Saturday before we head home. Aaron was excited to learn today that he can go to Spina Bifida Camp next June and can go every year until he is 15. We are excited to find out about this wonderful opportunity for him. If you ever find yourself in need of donating to a charity, I highly recommend Scottish Rite Hospital.

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