Monday, September 6, 2010


Well, the weather has finally given us a few cool mornings, what a relief. Papaw and I will start to get some needed rest and relaxation. We now have a lady who comes to the house on the days we need her to take care of Aaron and his needs. Her name is Ashley and she seems to be a very sweet and caring person. It will take time for her aclimate herself to our daily lives and feel at home. We are also excited about getting a dog. My Bunco friend has a terrier that she wants to find a good home for, so she will bring Yogi over in a week and let him sniff and check out his new territory. I asked her to take him home and then bring him back the next day, so he will not be traumitized to his new home. He is house broken, about a year old. Will try to post a picture soon.
My daughters baby shower is soon approaching and I just could not resist buying Baby Jack a new outfit and hope mom will let him wear it home from the hospital. Just need to find shoes to match. This is such an exciting time and I can hardly contain myself waiting for my sweet grandson to come into this world.
My dear friend from Alabama called yesterday and told me she had a new granddaughter, Allie Elizabeth Pair. This is her first grandchild from her first born son Danny.
May God bless each of you today in a special way, as I am blessed for having such wonderful friends in my life.

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